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Grass kite english version
La montagna estiva ....... con gli sci!!!!! GRASS-KITE!!!
Everything starts with an idea, the freedom, by adrenaline, by silence, by the view that the mountain you can give.
The idea came at the end of this winter season full of exits and a thousand bigday.
Returning from the latest releases in the mountains, there was already longing for the snow that he was leaving and
awareness that we must wait six months before returning to those magical places that each of us
marked the heart.
So talking about .... the question was one ... how can we wait ..... What can we do to fill
our exploratory nature, enjoy the places forgotten by most people ... feel
what nature and that only she can offrire.Abbiamo we decided to go on the road ..... too expensive :-)
We thought to kitesurf .... but ... was not the same thing.
We thought then that the various disciplines can offer in landing the kite.
Mountain-boarding, roller line, buggy .... all disciplines beautiful, but .. missing something .... on all ....
Unfortunately, with these toys .... yes .. the feelings are strong, but not as snowkiting.
The grass unfortunately puts limits and that is that it's not like the snow is always smooth and velvety.
The grassland, especially in the mountains can hide small or large bumps' that may
be stones or holes ...
So thinking about this ... came to my mind .. a flash .... a memory in my mind
namely, grass skiing.
At first the idea was' cause, even looking on the internet, there were not many content for this topic
especially considering how the use of snowkiting.
So the idea was launched, now with Marco Moriconi decide to go ahead and try if there are 
yet these "Ski Track"
discipline practiced extensively 20-30 years ago, but forgotten today.
The adrenaline was so just thinking to try and who knows' ....
Marco found it right away and ski, I'm in touch and in less time than you say no ... we have in our hands.
What can I say ..... poooo popopopo poooooooooo bit !!!!! :-)
The first test we did was in the spot of Fiegni, meta 'multiple bigday winter.
The first feeling was that we had imagined.
There's no more holes, rocks or whatever to stop these slopes and the difference with the usual wheels appreciates.
Now we got to the climb was very simple but nice long ....
Well, a few minutes we arrive at the top ...
Now Mark and I we turn and we are looking at.
The eyes were those of a thousand days in snowkiting made, were those of the charge, and adrenaline
enthusiasm we can when you have a front bigday, all emotions perceived only with snowkiting.
And now we turn around and re-try these toys with long edges first, then with small jumps, then
down (a little more difficult than the winter sky, but very funny.)
Since the wind was not great and was a bit gusty, we decide to stop for the day.
It was the first time and we did 15 km with a vertical drop of 900 meters.
The real test we did in our home spot Ragnolo.
Back to Ragnolo goodbye after sunset in the month before, was too good.
Look at the weather, we decide to go on 16/05/2011.
Arrived at .... the wonder ... It was unusual to see Ragnolo all green, even colored flowering .......
Usually, when we saw a few pieces of green snow, was a sign of winter's over.
Instead, Ragnolo was shown in all its beauty ..... summer.
I went down, I, Lorenzo and Marco (our official photographer as well as' the greatest rider) to feel that
the day was perfect.
Wind about 12 knots, blue sky and a lot of desire to explore.
Now we put the skis and head up the hill. ..... Mark that precedes me ... immediately turns around and goes downhill and saltaaaa.
It should be so much about ..... Now I also ride and began to take hands with the new toys.
Well ... I'm beginning to salticchiare It was unique. Usually we saw beneath us all white .... now ...
thousands of colors with green background! :-)
It was as if time had stopped two months ago with the colors changed ....
What can I say .... pure emotion ...
More and more we went up we were starting to do kiteloop style figures and snowkiting.
It 'hard to write what we feel ..... only the screaming we did was the key to decrypt
all our enthusiasm.
After 1 hour .... I make the sign to go with Marco ..... go to step 2 of the test and that is the exploration. 
Pull down the veil large, Ozone Frenzy 13 2011 Ozone Manta 12 for me and for Marco, and take small,
Ozone Frenzy 7 2011per both, as the wind grew ...
Now we aim ... the eastern part of the commercial and high-speed 'party ..
It was fantastic ..... reach the end (2 minutes) we start the ascent ... with nothing to overcome and we have gone before
towards the NE, then back to the SE part of the spot. And this mega photon !!!!!
Then once down with some Voletta gliding.
The thrill of the first jump was over now .... and down to bad then!!
Then we head towards Lorenzo meanwhile had armed the Ozone Access 4 2011 with MTB, but doing
the tour along with many more ups and downs.
At the end of the session we were exhausted, but loaded
The test had been in the best way and we were very pleased with our new tools for the summer.
We were excited about this new way of life very similar to the mountain snowkiting,
but with different emotions.
With these skis are gone 'boundaries of spot .... we must not wait for the snow to go to a spot ... 
so that the spot could 'well be a field (not cultivated I recommend) close to home.
Already with these skis, we made three of the top spot where we did snowkiting,
and Mark has found 2 spots ... near the sea. (more photos soon)

We keep you updated ...
Now the word goes to the pictures ......
Always bigday!

Lido Hans Lattanzi
Photon ....
Our photographer and a great rider ... Lorenzo (the first time with the MTB)